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planting trees
planting trees
planting trees

Krige Tree Service strives to integrate and balance the needs of trees with the needs of the people who live with them.
Our quality tree care is based on respect for the trees and a continually evolving knowledge base. All work is carried out safely and efficiently.

What do we do?

What do we do?

Krige Tree Service has been delivering quality tree work in Cape Town and the country-side surrounds since 1991. We specialize in care and maintenance of old trees, and our favourite places to work are Kirstenbosch and the Arderne Arboretum in Claremont. We also prune and fell trees in private gardens in and around the city of Cape Town. Felling of big, dangerous trees is our speciality.


Our chippers and crane truck are handy for plot clearing, alien control and big tree felling jobs. Our smaller teams, with pole pruners and hedge trimmers, bakkies and trailers are well-equipped for domestic tree work. Our qualified arborists can assist with disease diagnosis, hazard assessments and consultancies around preservation of trees on constructions sites.

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Our Services include:

Krige Tree Services is fully insured.
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• Tree pruning of big and small trees
• Tree felling especially large and dangerous trees
• Site clearing
• Crane Truck and Chipper Hire
• Stump grinding / removal
• Supply and planting of specimen trees and forests from our Platbos Forest Nursery Platbos Tree Nursery

Specialized arboricultural services include:
• Consultancy
• Hazard Assessment
• Disease Diagnosis
• Cable Bracing and Rigging (IRATA certified)
• We have also rescued the odd kitten from a tree top …!
firewood • Firewood ( R 500.00 per 1000 )
• Log rings ( R 15.00 each )
• Milling ( POA )

Get in touch

Krige Tree Services Office:
Telephone: 021 447 1369

Quotes & Consultations:
072 8942732
Consultations, disease diagnosis, hazard assessment etc:
Francois Krige 082 6580427
Stump Grinding:
Steve Cramp 082 5669187
Invoices, accounts and quotations:
Office 021 447 1369

What do we do?

BEE Rating:
Krige Tree Services CC is an exempted micro enterprise, level 4 contributor with a 100% procurement recognition level.

planting trees

"He who plants a tree plants hope"

For every tree felled by Krige Tree Services, Platbos Nursery will provide, on request, a new tree sapling - free of charge - for the home owner to replant in a place of their choosing.

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Platbos Conservation Trust

Platbos Conservation Trust

was created to raise funds to help to protect and conserve the 50 hectares or so that remain of Platbos Forest. In addition, funds are raised for clearing the alien vegetation on the forest edge.

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Arderne Gardens

Friends of the Arderne Gardens

Krige Tree Services is proud to be in charge of the ongoing care of the magnificent trees in this beautiful arboretum in Claremont. Francois is currently the Chairman of the Friends of the Arderne Gardens.

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Tree Cycle means Recycle

Krige Tree Services obtains as much value as possible from all tree off-cuts. Find out what products are derived from the prunings and tree timber.

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